Here you will find The Weekly Taskmasters  to continue the fun!

TASKMASTERS :  Have a go at our Action ’21 taskmasters. These are a set of FUN, QUICK challenges that you can complete in several different ways: 

Try them at home on your own – but you will need the help of someone for most of the tasks for measuring, counting or timing, but they must be your own ideas!

Or Ask your Unit leaders if you can try them at your virtual meetings.

Unit Leaders – you might decide to run the taskmasters during face to face or virtual meetings, in one meeting, or over the course of the 6 weeks (one per week as part of your meeting). The tasks are designed to use a small number of resources that we hope can be obtained in your areas. Please feel free to adapt the tasks if you need to.

Adult members – challenge yourself to have a go, get someone to time, measure or count your task.

You can just try them for FUN or you can share your results (or a photo of you completing your task) on our event Facebook page. If you worked on your own, remember to tell us your name, the name of the Taskmaster challenge and your results. 

Your Unit leaders will hopefully let us know your Unit results, with the name of the Unit, or you can tell us how well you did in your Unit but include your own name and your Unit name. 

Remember, whether you are on your own or with a group, the tasks are designed to get you thinking! 

We hope you enjoy our Action ’21 Taskmaster challenges!

Other Style 1

Week 1

Find out how important tea is in India and test your throwing skills!


Other Style 1 (2)

Week 2

Learn a little bit about Toulouse District, France and get flying!

Other Style 2

Week 3

Like dressing-up? Get creative with clothes and use the alphabet to help you!

Other Style 2 (2)

Week 4

Use paper to create the longest chain ever!


Other Style 3

Week 5

Get creating and let’s find out how high will your tower be?

Other Style 3 (2)

Week 6

What kind of an artist are you? Get drawing with a Chief twist!