How it works!

Here's everything you need to know!


Let's get ready to celebrate

Before we start the celebrations we've got some activities to get you in the mood! Download the event bunting and mascot outline. Have a go at writing some poetry - some will be picked out to be read at the opening ceremony. Check out the details on the homepage.

Keep A Record

Download & print a record sheet to keep track of what activities you've been up to!

You can participate in as many or as few activities as you'd like! You will get a badge for participation.

getstarted and ticksheet

In your own time!

Take part in some fun activities and challenges. You can do these as an individual or with your unit.

There's something for everyone, whether you'd like to get creative, get moving or make some tasty treats!

Join a workshop!

We will be running a range of live workshops as part of the event so come and join in - a few weeks after registering you will be sent a link to sign up for live workshops.


Are you ready to join the fun?

  • 1 Register your interest!
  • 2 Do some awesome activities & challenge yourself
  • 3 Earn a badge!
  • 4 Share your adventures with #bgoaction21
  • 5 Any questions contact our team by emailing