Get ‘Tentastic’ and be the designer of a tent fit for our 125th guiding birthday in 2035! What will the guiding tent of the future look like? 


What You'll Need

Some paper for sketching your ideas

Pictures of tents through the decades (optional)


Share Your Adventures

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In 2010 Girlguiding worked with Outwell to supply special edition tents for our Centenary camp at Harewood House, in the UK. Over the years the tents that Girlguiding has used have changed a huge amount. 

Take a look at how tents have changed for us at camps over the years.

Your challenge is to set to work to design our guiding tent for the future – to help us celebrate our 125th birthday in 2035. What would you like the tent of the future to look like? Get thinking, sketching and designing. 

Once completed, give your tent of 2035 a name and don’t forget to send us a picture of your tent. 

You never know, Girlguiding might love YOUR design and we could all be sleeping in YOUR tent in 2035!