Take action near you

“Don’t be a litterbug. Be a wildlife protector and pick up litter!”

It’s Action ’21 – the perfect time to take action and get tidying something. Why not spruce up a local park, beach or garden area somewhere. Make a difference somewhere near to you.


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What You'll Need

An adult helper

Bright coloured clothes

Gloves / Optional litter picker ‘grabber’

Strong bin bags to put things in

Hand sanitizer and First aid kit – just in case!

Share Your Adventures

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Every year an estimated 8 tons of litter enters the World’s oceans. Plastic is a real problem in the oceans because it never disappears, it just becomes smaller and smaller. Then it gets eaten by sea life, and enters the food chain.

On land, wildlife gets tangled in plastic, and other waste; frequently causing injuries as they try to escape.

Any litter removed from the environment, helps provide a safer place for both wildlife and humans alike.

So your challenge for Action ’21 is to think of a local area which needs a tidy up. This could be a communal garden, a beach, a forest or park. You can try with either with your guiding unit or with your family members and friends.

How to keep safe?

  • Always wear gloves – they will protect your hands
  • Avoid nappies and dog poo bags
  • Avoid electrical items or pots of chemicals
  • Avoid broken or sharp objects
  • Do not pick up any needles if you find them
  • Do not pick up heavy items

What can I pick up? – Ask an adult if you are not sure what you have found.

  • Paper & bits of plastic
  • Foil snack bags
  • Cigarette ends
  • Tin cans
  • Empty bottles
  • Fishing nets
  • Plastic carrier bags

Sorting the rubbish:

Separate your collection into recyclable rubbish. Place this in the correct recycle bins.

or get in contact with your local council as they might have some litter picking days