Action ’21 Poetry Challenge

We know how creative you all are and what fabulous ideas you have. So, get writing and send your poems to us!

Some of the poems may be read by our special BGO guests at our opening event on 8th May, if you get them to us quickly, or at our celebration event on 19th June. We can’t wait to read your poems!


Other Style 2 (2)

Share Your Adventures

We'd love to see what you get up to! Come join us on facebook, or post on Instagram with the hashtag #bgoaction21


We would like you to write a poem of up to 6 lines maximum. Your poem can be in any style you like.

You can write your poem on any of the following themes:

What Guiding means to you

Guiding in your BGO country

Our tomorrow, our future


Our Natural world

Looking after ourselves

Being creative

Poems received in time may be read by some special BGO guests at our opening event on 8th May.

You can still send us your poems after that and we may hear some more of your fabulous poetry at our Action ’21 celebration on 19th June.

Remember to give your poem a title and include your name when you send your poem to us.