Natural creations

Why not try a Beetroot Tie-dye T-shirt? Or other fabric of your choice?

Tie-dyeing with natural vegetable dyes using COTTON material is great fun and can be your new upcycling hobby. Have a go at creating some wonderful designs using natural and recycled resources.


Natural World

What You'll Need

1 COTTON white T-shirt / leggings / pillowcase / napkin / scarves

Thin hair bands or string/wool

1 saucepan

1 large spoon

1 kitchen knife

1 chopping board

5 tennis ball sized Beetroots or Veggies of your choice

An apron or old shirt

Optional rubber gloves to protect skin from staining

Share Your Adventures

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Extra information:

This activity can get messy, so remember to wear an apron – not your school uniform or best clothes!

Rainbows and Brownies will need to ask an adult to help with the cooking and using knives. 

Find out how to create your natural tie-dye creation by clicking on this link:

Natural creations instructions