Love nature

Nature is all around us, wherever we live, even in big cities. Being outside makes us feel good and helps us to be relaxed and stay healthy in body and mind. So why not have a go at making something for your own garden/balcony/communal area?


Craft Style 2 (2)

What You'll Need

Your equipment will depend on what you decide to create from our ideas sheet (see pdf).

These things might come in handy:

A large plastic drink bottle

An old mug or cup

Wool or string


Some soil 


A recycled tin can

Some twigs, sticks, leaves 

Decorative materials (optional)

Share Your Adventures

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There are many ways that we can look after nature in our own areas. Here are some ideas:

Grow a plant in an up-cycled pot

Make a bug hotel

Make a bird feeder

Plant trees

Plant flowers to encourage bees

See the information sheet: LoveNature-info.pdf for further details and instruction.