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We all need to eat! You can protect our environment by eating foods that are better for the world around us. Everyone can do something to help! Why not make a start by growing your own herb garden?

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What You'll Need

A small plant pot (you can use a yoghurt pot or other old container – just make sure to add drainage holes)!

Multi-purpose compost or similar (peat free)

Herb seed (Like basil, mint or chives)

Clear plastic bag (optional)

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Grow a Herb Garden:


  1. Fill your pot with your compost and pat it down gently. Water this and let the excess drain.
  2. Scatter a few of your chosen seeds on the top before covering with a thin layer of some more compost.
  3. If you have one, cover your pot with a clear plastic bag to create an effect similar to a green-house – this will help speed up germination. Put your plant on the windowsill and remove the plastic bag once you can see green sprouts starting to grow.
  4. One germinated, water your herb whenever dry (around once a week). Once your herb has grown to around 10cm tall, you can move them into a bigger pot.
  5. Continue looking after your herb plant, and once it’s big enough you can use it in cooking – just make sure to leave enough leaves so that it can keep growing!


  • You need to keep watering your plant when the soil is dry – otherwise it may wilt and die.
  • Drainage holes at the bottom of your pot prevent the soil from becoming waterlogged and help your plant to get the right amount of water.
  • Keeping your plant on the windowsill helps it to get lots of natural light so that it can keep growing.
  • Don’t pick too many leaves from your herb – it needs to always have some to keep growing!

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