Go on a hunt

Use your detective skills and have a go at hunting for 21 different things for Action ’21!


go on a hunt

What You'll Need

Some paper to record your items 

Something to write with



Share Your Adventures

We'd love to see what you get up to! Come join us on facebook, or post on Instagram with the hashtag #bgoaction21


Set yourself the challenge of finding 21 different items around your home, in your garden or even go on a walk with your family or Unit and see what you can find. 

You could see if you can spot:

21 different coloured objects 

21 different sounds

21 different natural objects 

21 different toys 

21 different types of leaves or other natural objects 

Make sure that you don’t pick living things, just note down what you have seen or take a photo of them and make a photo collage on your return. 

…. Good luck with your scavenger hunt and be sure to let us know what you found by telling us on our event Facebook page.