Friendship crafts

Friendship bracelets are pretty bracelets which are given from one person to another, symbolising good friendships. Why not have a go at making several bracelets to give to your friends – remember to make one for yourself too!


Together in friendship (3)

What You'll Need

Embroidery thread (different colours)

Or ribbon

Or coloured hemp 


A ruler / tape measure 

Sticky tape (to secure to a flat surface)

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What is a Friendship bracelet?

Their design is ancient; however, the revival is from the 1970’s/80’s when it was fashionable to wear these coloured bands.

Most are handmade; usually from embroidery thread; although ribbon, or coloured hemp could be used instead.

Folklore states it is traditional to make a wish as a person ties the bracelet onto her friend. 

As an honour for the hard work and love given in making it, the bracelet should then be worn, until it is totally worn out and falls off. When it falls off, the original wish is said to come true.


The basic knot to master:

  1. Pass thread-1 (blue) over thread-2 (red) and pass behind. 
  2. Pulling thread-1 up through the newly formed loop. 
  3. Repeat, creating two knots on thread-2

Now that you have the idea, there are many more patterns for you to try – click on the link for some great Friendship bracelet suggestions and instructions.

You’ll find some more details and instructions in this pdf