Create a mars-lander

Your mission is to land your ‘eggsplorer’ safely on Mars. Can you design and build your craft so that your egg has a soft landing and doesn’t get scrambled! Don’t forget to give your craft a special name and of course try to decorate it to give it that original Mars look!


marslander craft

What You'll Need

A selection of recycled materials such as boxes, plastic cartons, bubble wrap, scrap paper, cotton wool, scrap material

Strong tape


String / wool

A plastic bag or scrap material (for the parachute) or a balloon

Things to decorate your craft with – pens, old wrapping paper, glitter, sticky decorative items etc.


Share Your Adventures

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See video and then here is more detail:

Once you have built your craft, it is time to test it. You may need the help of an adult to launch your craft from a safe height.

Watch out for anyone with an egg allergy, make sure that they don’t handle the egg or unwrapping the craft after launch.

If the craft is being launched inside, cover the surface area with something just in case the egg doesn’t make it!

Unit ideas: 

Why not make this a competition. You could spread it over 2 weeks – the first for the design, the second for construction and launch.

Which group can create the best overall design (with a safe egg landing)?

Which group can create the most decorative craft?

Notes for leaders: 

Face to face meetings – you could provide the same materials for each group or limit the number of items allowed.

You could give the girls a list of items to collect in advance.

You could leave the materials and design entirely up to the girls and see what happens.

Turn it into a type of trading game: provide the scrap materials, value each piece of scrap. Groups may only spend a certain amount of money on their craft.

Launch the crafts from an agreed height (with adult supervision) together in one craft drop or in succession. 

The options are endless!

Virtual meetings: ask the girls to collect the materials needed the week before, then ask them to show you what they have collected. Set the time for construction during the virtual meeting and then ask an adult to help them to launch their craft from an agreed height. Come back to reveal what happened!