Building bridges

There are some amazing bridges around our BGO world. So, get constructing and build the longest, strongest or highest bridge that you can using some basic materials. Will your bridge be able to balance your promise badge, or a coin, or even our event mascot? We can’t wait to see how you did?

BGO Bridge highlights

building bridge

What You'll Need

Basic materials for your construction such as:

Books, paper or thin card

Mini marshmallows and toothpicks 

Straws and soft sweets such as jelly babies

Egg cartons and pens

See what materials you can find and get building your bridge!


Share Your Adventures

We'd love to see what you get up to! Come join us on facebook, or post on Instagram with the hashtag #bgoaction21


You could make several different bridges with different materials.

Leaders meeting face to face: you could provide each group with the same materials (that you can source locally) and give them a time limit to create their bridge construction.

Or layout a selection of materials and see what happens!

Why not have a unit bridge building competition!

Show the girls the pictures of some of our BGO bridges (BGO Bridge highlights) and discuss how special it is to be part of BGO.

Virtual meetings: ask girls to gather the materials that you would like them to use for their constructions in advance of the meeting. You could keep it as simple as one sheet of paper and 2 equally stacked piles of books. 

Then it’s – Ready, steady, construct during the virtual meeting! You will need to set the girls a time limit to complete their bridge. 

Wherever your bridge building takes place, remember to test the bridges in some way – coins, a toy car .. You could even sit our event mascot on your bridge! 

Share and then discuss which bridge structures worked best and why? Which bridge is the longest, tallest? 

Take it further: build a castle fit for a Queen using marshmallows and tooth-pics (or similar materials). This activity links us with BGO Dubai Division – they will be celebrating the Queen’s 95th birthday and Action ’21 at their overnight event.

Try this link for lots of great bridge building ideas or look at the Humber Bridge paper bridges challenge (pdf).