BGO detectives

Do you know how many countries there are in BGO? How much do you know about the other countries in our BGO world? 


Together in friendship (4)

What You'll Need

Pens and paper 

Maps, books or the internet for country research

Craft materials (for any country costumes)

Colours (for posters / country flags)

Ingredients for your plate of traditional food (optional)

Share Your Adventures

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Challenge yourself to find out as much as you can about a country in BGO that you don’t know much about – you should be able to find at least 6 interesting facts. How about starting with their flag, climate, customs, dress, food, or maybe learn some words in the local language. You could even cook up a plate of traditional food from that country.


Have a look at the map. Download pdf BGO Detectives world map here The red dots show some (but not all!) of the countries where we have members. Do you know which countries these are? (Have a look on the BGO website to find out if you are correct).

Leaders: Why not hold an internationally themed evening and share the information you have learned with the rest of your unit or your family. You could even make a poster to share with us. 

You could even use the St Helena resource pack (in BGO Extra Fun) and have a carnival style evening? 

Working in groups? Each group could choose a different country to present to the rest of the Unit. 

Need some help? Why not have a look at our BGO Extra Fun part of the website to find some BGO resources which focus on different countries and areas around the world. 

Helpful hint: This activity works really well with ‘An International Feast’ – in our ‘Together in Friendship’ theme.