An international feast

Ready, steady … cook! Get ready to cook up a delicious international feast for your family or with your Unit, using recipes that you can find from countries around our BGO world. 

Together in friendship

What You'll Need

Recipe books

Our BGO resources (in BGO Extra Fun) 

Use the internet to find world recipes

The ingredients needed for your dishes

Lots of help with the cooking and eating!

Share Your Adventures

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First, get searching and find 3 recipes from a country in BGO (or 3 different countries) and prepare a starter, main course and dessert for your family, friends or in your Unit groups. 

Alternatively, you could find 6 ingredients from 6 different countries and create your own meal from the ingredients – more like an international mystery meal!

Then, why not treat your family, friends or Unit to an international meal – try decorating your table with the colours of the countries, flags, you could even dress up in the country colours. 

Take it further Unit ideas: -work in groups to select your country (countries) and recipes. Each group could be allocated a different course to prepare. 

-Leaders: provide each group with 6 ingredients from different countries and hold a ready, steady, let’s cook meeting and see what dishes can be created.

-Hold an International themed meeting featuring several different BGO countries and their foods, cultures, music and much more. 

Virtual meetings: -Leaders may wish to select recipes / courses or countries for girls and they can prepare their dish at home and share what they have made with the Unit, facts about the dish and the country.

-Provide or ask the girls to source 6 different ingredients and create a dish of their choice in an allocated time. Share the products and dishes at your virtual meeting. 

-Why not combine this activity with our Together in Friendship – BGO Detectives! activity?

the video instructions below