A promise for the future

The original Guide promise has changed 12 times since the first promise in 1910. Our promise changes as we change with the world around us. What do you think your section promise should be in 30 years from now? That will be in 2051! 



What You'll Need


A pen

Thinking time and some great ideas

Share Your Adventures

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Further instructions:

We challenge you to think about your Promise now and think about how it might need to change over the next 30 years. Create your Promise for the future and write it down. We would love you to share your new Promise with us. You can send it to us on the event Facebook page, remember your name and section. Why not record yourself saying your new Promise and send it to us.

Can you keep it somewhere safe for the next 30 years? If you open it in 2051 what a surprise it will be, perhaps it will be our new Promise